National Religious Broadcasters

nrb20logo20no20tagline2030020pixelAt the most recent NRB convention, Dr. Weiss spent much of his time meeting with other members of the NRB Board of Directors.  This was the first convention that we have attended since Dr. Weiss’ recent election to board.  In addition to the board, he also serves on the NRB TV Committee.  Each convention has a very different feel from the last because we place focus on the project or direction that we find ourselves in at the time of that annual convention. 


If you were able to see our recent programs titled “Save Free TV,” then you may be aware that the government has recently signed a law that will send thousands of free over-the-air television stations to an auction so that large companies like AT&T and Verizon can purchase the spectrum.  Because this spectrum auction has such an effect on Christian television, much of this NRB convention was spent educating others in the industry of what is being done behind the closed doors in Washington. 

Meanwhile while Dr. Weiss was working on those matters, Joshua Weiss was scheduling and taping several interviews with television network executives.  We have been working on various Today With God language projects for several years.  Unfortunately, we have not invested the time and money into informing our CrossTalk family about what those ventures are.  NRB is a convention where television executives gather from around the globe.  Many of the international language projects that we have begun are done through friends that the Lord has introduced us to at NRB convention.  As such, Josh caught a handful of them at different times and was able to interview them about the project and how it is impacting their part of the world and the language groups that they are ministering to.

NRB Sat7Some of those interviews include: SAT7 president (they broadcast to the entire Arab speaking world in Arabic), the president of CNL (covers the Russian and Ukranian speaking world in their language), head of LoveWorld USA (this network reaches Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and is beginning a branch in Canada), Family7 president (they broadcast across the Netherlands in Dutch), and the president of Alpha Omega television (broadcasting across Romania in Romanian language).  Hopefully there will be a CrossTalk television program in the coming months that walks the viewer through these interviews and the Today With God language project.